If you live in a house with more than one floor, windows pose a risk for your young children. There are millions of injuries caused by falls every year in the United States.

If you leave windows open to enjoy fresh outside air, you should take steps to ensure that you keep your children safe.

Instead of just having the window open with nothing in it, a sturdy bug screen can keep your children from falling out, but these should not be relied upon as the only safety measure.

Don’t leave your children alone in a room with the window open. Just because they haven’t tried to climb out the window in the past doesn’t mean that their curiosity will cause them not to do so at another time.

You can also prepare the area below windows to soften a fall, if such an unfortunate event were to occur. This can be accomplished by planting shrubs below the windows and putting down soft material such as sawdust on the ground.

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