Do you sometimes feel like it is impossible to keep ants out of your home? The fact is, that ants are one of the most common pests that come into our homes. Ants are harmless to humans, but not so much to buildings. Even though not as damaging to wood as termites, ants will dig into the wood of your home. When they do so they will leave behind a fine sawdust called frass, and this is a noticeable sign that you might have a problem.

To keep them from entering your home, you want to find any cracks or holes that could be used by the ants to gain access and seal them up.

One of the main attractors to ants are sweet things, such as sugar. If you spill anything containing sugar or honey, make sure you clean it up well. Also keep these items in well sealed containers.

If you have a recycling bin that isn’t sealed well, clean out jars and soda cans well before disposing of them.

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