There are many options when it comes to flooring materials. Linoleum used to be very popular in the beginning of the last century, but fell out of use. In recent years it has made a comeback, since it is an eco-friendly material.

Linoleum doesn’t hold up as well as other flooring materials to acidic or alkaline cleaning products, since these will cause pitting of the floor surface. It is also susceptible to water damage. For everyday cleaning of linoleum floors, it is best to just use a vacuum or a broom. If it is necessary to use a cleaner, see what is recommended by the manufacturer. A mixture of a gallon of warm water mixed with a very small amount of all-purpose cleaner and a quarter cup of white vinegar should be safe to use, but don’t use too much so that it pools on the floor.

Linoleum has a low price compared to other materials, and is fairly easy to maintain.

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