Do you have a hard time sleeping at night due to the amount of noise in your house? It could be from traffic around your home, neighbors or appliances and pipes.

Wooden houses do not insulate against outside noises as well as concrete does.

If your house is very poorly insulated against sound, it might be worth it to go with construction by adding dense material to your walls, filling any cavities with soundproofing material and sealing any cracks.

Replacing single-pane windows with double-pane will make a big difference in how much outside noise makes it inside.

You can also add soft materials inside of your home, such as heavy curtains, carpets and couches.

If your pipes make noise, you have a few options. Cast-iron water lines make a lot less noise than plastic.

If your pipes tend to bang against the house frame or drywall when the water is turned off or on, this can be mitigated by giving the pipes enough clearance.

By having oversized supply and drain lines, you lower pressure, as well as noise.

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