Do you want to save money? Most likely you will answer yes to that question. Here are a few ways that you can save energy in your home, and this will lead to a lower energy bill. It might seem like a daunting task, but the following simple changes to your everyday life will add up very quickly.

One of the biggest energy drains in your house comes from heating and cooling. Replacing filters in air conditioners and heaters when needed is very important. A dirty filter can greatly affect the efficiency of these devices.

Installing a modern thermostat, especially one that is programmable can save a lot of money. You want to set it up so that when you are not at home, energy isn’t wasted on heating or cooling an empty house.

Replacing older, incandescent lights with LED or CFL lights can reduce energy spent on lighting by as much as 75%.

Making sure that your house is well insulated allows heat and cool air to stay inside of your house.

A convection oven can save a lot of energy over a regular oven, and heating your food in a microwave is also very energy efficient.

There are many other, seemingly minor things you can do to save energy, all of which will lead to savings in your monthly energy bill.


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