It is very hard to notice if you have a problem with termites, because they are rarely seen before damage has already occured. This means that unless you notice the early signs, you might need the services of a pest control service and also repairs which could be quite costly.

There are a few signs that you want to keep an eye out for that can indicate the presence of termites. During the early spring when the weather is getting warmer, swarming season for termites begin. You might see them flying around lights when it turns dark. There might also be termite wings visible on window sills. If you have wood that is near to the ground, you might want to schedule check-ups for yourself where you knock on the wood and listen for a dull or hollow sound. This can help you locate possible damage.

Another sure sign is the tubes that termites build from dirt or sawdust that they use for travel between the ground and the wood.

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